October 15, 2018


What do I need to do to get my drum engraved?

The first step to getting your drum engraved is to decide your budget. Most classic patterns fall in the $250-$550 range with the most popular vintage patterns in the $350-$450 range. Since all prices are based on the time it takes to produce your engraving (including the artwork for the patterns), you can save money by choosing a pattern that I’ve already produced, as the patterns are already made.

Pick a Design

Once you’ve got a budget, it’s time to look at engraving patterns and decide what you’d like on your drum. You can find examples of engraved drum patterns online by googling the terms “hand engraved drum” or “John Aldridge engraved” or “black beauty”. This will give you a good starting place from which to choose. If you don’t want a pattern like anyone else and are able to provide your own artwork to scale (where it only needs to be traced onto a drum to prepare it for engraving), that’s another way to save money.

Get a Quote

When you’ve chosen a pattern, drawn your own design, or decided you want me to produce some original artwork for you, a phone call is in order, or an email, to start the price quote process. Based on our conversations about what you want, I will give you a firm quote for your engraving job.

Submit your Deposit

Once you’ve decided your pattern option, and gotten your quote, you’ll need to submit a deposit of 50% of the total cost. This will get your name and drum placed on the engraving schedule and guarantee a time slot for your drum to be engraved. If you don’t know the pattern yet, but want to reserve a slot in the engraving schedule, you can submit a flat $200 deposit which will be applied to your purchase.

Send your Drum

When your time slot is approaching, I will call, text or email you to let you know it’s time to take all your hardware off and ship me the shell. Not comfortable disassembling your drum and re-assembling your drum? You can opt to have us do that for you for a nominal fee ($35).

Once the shell arrives, I will do my very best to return it to you completed within two weeks. My goal is for you not to be separated from your drum for a long time.

Complete Payment

When your drum is completed, I will contact you with photos of the completed drum and the balance is due for the job. Upon receipt of the final payment, your drum (or shell) will be returned to you.


Please submit any questions about any part of the process via text or email. Due to the nature of engraving I don’t answer the phone when I’m doing it. I’m also in situations as a drum tech where I cannot answer the phone. Most importantly, a written chain of correspondence will guarantee that both of us are on the same page throughout the process.